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  2. My List - Ten GORGEOUS Hunks I wanna fuck before I die

    1. Mike Thurston - This man is the greatest gift to mankind. It’s like he was designed in a laboratory his dimensions are so perfect. Tall, tan and oh so fucking huge, a night with him would be the greatest fantasy ever.
    2. Matt Damon - Of course I’d like him in the peak physical condition that was shown in Elysium, but regardless he is just the cutest. He’s got the remnants of a baby face but the body of a sexy, if slightly older, sporty dad and I want him “on the bed, on the floor, on the towel by the door, in the tub, in the car, up against the mini bar.”
    3. Justin Timberlake - for obvious reasons…
    4. Henry Cavill - I’d like him preferably in his Superman outfit, but as long as he brings his cheekbones of steel there is no way he can disappoint. Just the sight of him brings out the impression of a complete hunk. Basically I want his Dawn of Justice body (yumm) complimented by the dochy cocky character he played in Hellraiser (because coupled together would just be the greatest fantasy)
    5. Cody Calafiore - Caleb Reynolds was initially my fave on Big Brother but Cody’s proven that although he may not be the beefiest housemate, he’s the stud for me. I can’t decide whether I want to feed him, pet his hair or just rip his clothes off and make steamy love to him. Most likely all three, if I ever get the chance. 
    6. Tim Gabel - this man is so incredibly big and so incredibly aware of it you just know he’d like to assert it in bed. And I’d let him assert it anywhere he pleases. As long as those twentysomething inch biceps aren’t compensating for something else. 
    7. Zac Efron - yummmmmmmmm
    8. Andrew Scholz - This guy is the ultimate high school jock and represents all the athletes you fantasize about. He just has hunk written all over him and I want to write it on him with my tongue. 
    9. Adam Smith (ANTM) - So he may not be able to model at all, but he is the sexiest party animal out there. Given the extent of his party lifestyle it is amazing that his body is so ripped and sexy. I just want to suck on his pecs and lick his abs. 
    10. Peter Hale/Derek Hale/Scott McCall/Jordan Parrish foursome - Alright I can’t choose. I want them all. All of them. Although Peter Hale is the main fantasy, so is Derek, and Scott, and lately also Jordan… This is the reason for which Teen Wolf can never leave TV. I tune in every week for my healthy dosage of shirtlessness and pine for more until the next episode comes.
  3. Lovin that shirt rip round his pec


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  4. somemenarejustbetter:

    Who hasn’t fantasized about enslaving superman?  Its gotta feel good having the man of steel making you breakfast after you fucked him all night long.

    ^what he said

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  5. crack3dtheory:

    You ain’t gonna kill Jordan Parrish without me getting my sex scene first.

    The moment you realize this dude you’ve been ignoring all this season is actually a motherfucking stud…

    …and holy shit that was hot

  6. I’d like to be their cocksucker

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  8. Germany’s World Cup Star’s World Cups


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    I don’t understand why this has 25,000+ notes I mean he’s hot and all but…oh my god those firefighter pants!!! —-> *like* *reblog*

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  10. sunsoutshortsout:

    Big Brother’s Caleb Reynolds wearing basically the shortest legally allowed shorts for a Kentuckian

    I want this man to do naughty things to me. Very naughty things.