1. Lovin that shirt rip round his pec


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  2. somemenarejustbetter:

    Who hasn’t fantasized about enslaving superman?  Its gotta feel good having the man of steel making you breakfast after you fucked him all night long.

    ^what he said

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  3. crack3dtheory:

    You ain’t gonna kill Jordan Parrish without me getting my sex scene first.

    The moment you realize this dude you’ve been ignoring all this season is actually a motherfucking stud…

    …and holy shit that was hot

  4. I’d like to be their cocksucker

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  6. Germany’s World Cup Star’s World Cups


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  7. tapthatguy-x-version:

    I don’t understand why this has 25,000+ notes I mean he’s hot and all but…oh my god those firefighter pants!!! —-> *like* *reblog*

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  8. sunsoutshortsout:

    Big Brother’s Caleb Reynolds wearing basically the shortest legally allowed shorts for a Kentuckian

    I want this man to do naughty things to me. Very naughty things.

  9. fuck me please

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  10. tapthatguy-x-version:

    It’s officially spring! GET OUTDOORS to (a) swim, (b), camp, (c) hike, or (d) fuck.

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